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Why Legacy Builders of Southern California?

With over 100 years of construction experience…



LEGACY BUILDERS OF SO CAL was founded to reshape the construction business. Our vision is developing strong partnerships with our clients, our employees, our vendors, and our suppliers. We believe these partnerships are rooted in trust and understanding. With our knowledge and expertise, we have the ability to deliver excellence to our clients while priding ourselves in the quality and delivery of our work. We work hard to understand our clients’ needs, budget and time frame, which allows us to surpass all expectations.



We are one of the best in the business, but to set us apart we strive to make the experience throughout all project phases even better. We work with the industry’s elite commercial and residential builders and we know that managing the overall experience is as important as the end result. Every job we do is our most important and each client is our most important. We would love to partner with you as we reshape and improve the construction industry for the better.

Commercial Construction
Residential Tract Building
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